Our Food

Have a browse through our menus. Keep in mind that some of the items are seasonal, so may not be available all year round. There's a stack of different options there, & as we are experimenting all the time, there's likely to be newbies we're ready to launch. So please do give us a call to get the very latest on what we can offer you!

Whether you are after a fully serviced event, a "drop-off", or "set-up and go" option we can work through what you like that will work for your event.

So where to start??

Well, rather than tell you what you can have we would much rather you choose your faves... after all, we just want you to be happy! So go ahead & make a list of what tickles your fancy.
Also feel free to make a request... we do love trying new things... especially in food, so put it on us - we promise we won't mind at all.
Once you've got your list at the ready, call Megan, or shoot through an email or text & she will price it up for you. We look forward to hearing from you!!

Canape Menu
Grazing Table Menu
Salad Menu
Corporate Menu
High Tea Menu
Buffet Menu
Boxed Menu