Want to take the hassle out of catering for your next gathering? Or simply want to impress with a gift for the hostess, new Mum or just surprise someone special?
There's a stack of occasions that our Grazeboxes are perfect for - including when you simply want someone else to take care of things! You can come and collect your box or we can deliver it*. The biggest problem you'll have is deciding which one you want!
We can customise them to make them Gluten free at no extra charge.

It's pretty simple to order...
Step 1 = Choose a Size
Step 2 = Choose what type (the classic is our normal mix of everything but we have others as well!)
Step 3 = Click submit & we will get back to ASAP to confirm the details of your order.
So don't wait... scroll down to check out the range...

Grazeboxes Sizes

Date Night

Date Night Grazebox

Perfect for an intimate evening with a bottle of wine, Date night feeds 2 or up to 4 people.

Price $49.00(+GST)

Love to Share

Love To Share Grazebox

As the name suggests there's plenty to share around in our Love to Share box. Feeding 6-8 people it's great for barbeques and gatherings - the perfect hostess gift when you want to impress!

Price $89.00(+GST)

Group Love

Group Love Grazebox

The "Big Daddy" of our boxes, Group Love caters for 10-16 people and is perfect for parties and larger gatherings.

Price $159.00(+GST)

Grazeboxes Types

Classic GrazeBox

Date Night Grazebox

The quintessential original grazing mix, cheeses, antipasto, fruit, nuts, and crackers including some of our handmade specialties, including our marinated olives, a signature cheeseball, fruit pastes or roladas and perhaps some Pick Bites, or palmiers .

This type priced @
$49 / $89 / $159 (+GST)

Meat Feast

Meat Feast in Group Love size

Meatatarians delight! A stunning array of coldcuts featuring a variety of our Pick Bites featuring a mix of sliced & cured meats with cheese fruit or veg combinations. There's several varieties of salamis and other cold cuts, you will not be left wanting!

This type priced @
$59 / $109 / $189 (+GST)

Cheese Please

Cheese Please in Group Love size

This is for the turophiles, our grazebox dedicated to fromage. With our homemade fruit pastes and roladas to compliment it plus Gwydir Grove home marinated olives. Every box contains one of our signature cheeseballs as well as a variety of cheeses and crackers.

This type priced @
$59 / $109 / $189 (+GST)

Vege & Dip Delight

Veg & Dip Delight in Group Love size

A vegetarian grazebox that features crudites, crackers and Artisan breads with a selection from our home-made dips, marinated & stuffed veg range.

This type priced @
$49 / $89 / $159 (+GST)

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats in Love to Share size

After the meal there's got to be something sweet! Or perhaps you're planning a morning or afternoon tea and are solely focused on sweet things!
We create sweet boxes of cakes, tarts and slices.

This type priced @
$59 / $109 / $189 (+GST)

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